IMOU Door Contact

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Reminds you when someone opens your door or window.

*It must be paired with the Imou Alarm Station.

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Alarm Notifications

Alarm Station will ring a local security siren and send an instant alert to your smartphone whenever the detector detects motion, keeping you aware of what's going on at home from anywhere.

Smart Connection with Imou Cameras

See what's happening on Imou App when the detector is triggered.

100% Wire-free

Powered with battery and connected by Airfly*, Door Contact can be placed anywhere you want..

* Smart linkage with Imou alarm detectors and the Alarm Station


Low Power Consumption

Powered with a CR123A battery which can be used for up to three years.


* Frequent alerts may accelerate the battery consumption. Real service life depends on the actual situation.

Easy to Installs

Split design makes it easy to be installed on a door or a window and it also has mounting foam which can be directly adhered to anywhere.

Tamper Protectionn

When Door Contact is removed from the wall, the Alarm Station will be triggered a tamper alarm and will send a tamper alert to your smartphone.


Multiple Scenarios


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