IMOU Siren

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Event-triggered siren and light

*It must be paired with the Imou Alarm Station.

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85dB Local Siren and Light

When the Imou detector is triggered, the Siren will sound 85dB alarm and flash the LED light to scare off intruders.


100% Wire-free

Powered with batteries and connected by Airfly*, you can place it anywhere.

* Smart linkage with Imou alarm detectors and the Alarm Station.


Low Power Consumption

Powered with four CR123A batteries which can be used for up to one and a half years.


* Frequent alerts may accelerate the battery consumption. Real service life depends on the actual situation.

Tamper Protection

When Siren is removed from the wall, a local alarm will be triggered. The Alarm Station will send a tamper alert to your smartphone.


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