IMOU Ranger Pro Z 4MP

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Zoom in and see closer

4MP | 355° Rotation | 3x Optical Zoom | Smart Tracking| Night Vision | Motion Detection | Two-way Talk | Cloud | Dual-band Wi-Fi

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4MP QHD Video and H.265 Codec

4MP QHD Resolution and cutting edge H.265 compression, allowing you see more details without worrying about storage space and network bandwidth.


0~355° Pan & 0~90° Tilt

Rotate the camera to view every corner of your home. Full range ensures no blind spots.

0~355° Pan

0~90° Tilt


3x Optical Zoom

3x optical zoom allows you to zoom in and see more clearly, even the easily overlooked details.

Уведомления и оповещения

Отправляет мгновенные оповещения на ваш смартфон при обнаружении движения, чтобы вы знали, что происходит дома, находясь в любой точке мира.

Мгновенное оповещение


Smart Trackimg

Ranger Pro Z automatically focuses on and follows moving objects or people. During the tracking, it’ll zoom in/out to ensure you see the target closely all the time.

Two-way Talk

Built-in speaker and microphone with echo cancellation feature allow you to interact with pets and family or dissuade unwelcome guests.



24/7 Protection

Night vision mode automatically switches on and off. Advanced IR algorithms provide clear picture even in complete darkness.


Dual-band Wi-Fi

Ranger Pro Z 4MP supports 2.4 GHz & 5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi to provide stable and fluent video streaming in different scenarios.